Young Café Restaurant’s plate of haddock fish in creamy Mediterranean source paired with a crisp glass of Chardonnay

Food and Wine pairing

We are super excited about our upcoming food and wine pairing event taking place on 23 December at Young Café Restaurant in the trendy Mouille Point, Cape Town.

Come join us and enjoy luxurious food, paired beautifully with our exquisite wines. Master sommelier Pierre Jourdan from Méthode Cap Classique Wines will be joining the event to educate us on the art of food and wine pairing, we will also get to learn why certain combinations work and some don’t.

Now, let’s talk about what makes a perfect food and wine pair

The rules of food and wine pairing

Some advice about food and wine pairing can be unnecessary overly strict. The truth is, there are no rules in food and wine pairing, you can eat whatever you want whilst drinking whichever wine you like. Are you pairing a slice of Pepperoni Pizza with a glass of crisp Chenin Blanc? Sounds great! We do however have some time-tested guidelines that we can share, to help you plan your meals with a perfect wine match -especially when you are hosting. We’ll get to those later in this article.

The ultimate goal

The goal is to have fun and to enhance your dining experience. Food and wine pairing should be fun and versatile – the fun comes in experimentation. Feel free to get creative, play around with different tastes and flavours and see what increases the pleasure of your dish.

Young Café’s sirloin steak paired with Eikendal Cabernet Sauvignon wine
Young Cafe sirloin steak dish paired with Cabernet Sauvignon wine

5 Food and wine pairing guidelines

“Traditionally, rich and meaty dishes tend to pair best with rich, full-bodied wines, and lightly flavoured dishes tend to pair better with light-bodied, and more delicate wines”. Here are a few more pairing tips for the most popular wine types:

  • Chardonnay – best pairs with fatty fish
  • Cabernet Sauvignon – best pairs with juicy red meat
  • Dry Rose – with rich, cheesy dishes
  • Sauvignon Blanc – with tangy foods
  • Pinot Noir – with earthy mushrooms

You can read more on wine and pairing tips from the Lovewine blog, they give excellent pairing tips.

Some basic wine terms

Here are some wine terms usually used in food and wine pairing to describe wine features in order to determine how to best pair:

  • Body – this refers to the weight or thickness of a wine
  • Acidity – this refers to the fresh, tart, and sour attributes of the wine
  • Aroma – hints of minerality earthiness, and other notes that can be found on a particular wine
  • Insensity – refer to the concentration of the aroma or flavour of a wine

You can learn more wine terminology at Vinology Wine School, they have created an entire wine dictionary that lists all wine term and their definitions.

Do you have a favourite food and wine pair? Let’s hear about it! Leave a message in the comments below.

Don’t forget to make a reservation to our food and wine pairing event.

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